CryoFacial Should be in Your List of Facials to Try

Facials are more than just spoiling. Often, people see them as something to do when you have some extra money and want some time for yourself; the fact is that yes, facials can be relaxing and pampering, but they’re also an important part of a good skincare regimen. They provide great benefits to your skin’s health and can be used to treat specific skin problems you may be facing.

Since they are such a vital step for the health of your skin, estheticians are always looking for newer and more efficient methods and techniques for consumers, aiming for procedures that are pain-free and low cost while getting the best result. Among all of those new treatments, there’s one that seem to have it all, and that has been rising and becoming more popular nowadays: cryofacial

Why is CryoFacial so Popular?

What makes cryofacial so popular is that it stimulates and boosts collagen production. This protein —collagen—, is responsible for keeping your skin healthy and elastic. When it is not produced in the optimal amount, lines & wrinkles are more likely to form.  Collagen also replaces dead skin cells, which helps the skin appear glowy and youthful.

In addition, unlike traditional facials that might include harsh chemicals and/ or painful techniques, cryofacials are a pain-free, non-invasive procedure. There are no lotions, scrubs, or peels used, so your skin will not feel sore or sticky afterwards. Finally, cryofacial treatments are very short, so you’ll be able to walk out of the salon and continue with your normal activities.

As you see, this facial is an excellent choice to tighten your skin and shrink pores for a younger and healthier skin.

Make sure you’re seeing a trained professional that you feel comfortable with. 

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