Lumenis Splendor X Vs.Cutera Excel HR

Lumenis Splendor X Vs.Cutera Excel HR

Laser innovation has overtime offered immense benefits to humanity, most notably in medical science. Away from medicine cosmetologist has also found a way to apply this hot tech in many areas, such as in hair removal. Before now, many hair removal alternatives have been available, but none have been able to offer a permanent hair removal solution. Besides the permanence, the laser hair removal method offers, its other outstanding quality lies in the ability to safely and effectively remove all unwanted hair from virtually all parts of the body with little to no complications. To get this best from this method, employ the services of your local laser hair removal professionals.

As expected, many companies have leveraged on this wonder technology to flood the market with different brands of laser hair removal devices. One of the most prominent brands is the Lumenis with Splendor X. Coming quite close is the Cutera with the Excel HR. But between these two hair removal devices, which is more preferred? Well, let’s briefly x-ray them to find out.

Lumenis Splendor X

The Splendor X made a massive mark in the laser hair removal devices as the premium device that offers a perfect combo of binary laser emission of Alexandrite 755nm wavelength and Nd:YAG 1064nm wavelength, powered by the unique Blend X technology. This excellent synchronization of these laser beams with different wavelengths has benefitted cosmetologists and dermatologists in customizing treatment to a diverse range of skin tones and achieve optimum results.

Splendor X also marked the beginning of different innovations in laser hair removal treatments, including been the first fiber-delivered laser with a patented square spot for uniform skin coverage. It also sports an integrated Dual Cooling System, DCS, to help facilitate the speed with which the aesthetician applies it.

All in all, Splendor X laser hair removal is a fast, versatile, and powerful means of effectively getting rid of those unwanted facial and skin hairs irrespective of your skin type (including dark or tanned), hair thickness, or hair color.

Cutera Excel HR

The Excel HR marked the next evolution in Cutera’s laser hair removal technology. This eminent hair removal device offers a dual-wavelength that makes it practical to personalize treatment for different hair and skin types. Its wavelengths come from the 755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm Nd:YAG. It’s also fitted with a top-rate cooling tech feature. These feature has made the Excel HR rank in the higher class like the Splendor X.

Cutera has also added a flair of versatility in this machine. The machine is designed with a handpiece that delivers laser energy and makes for epidermal cooling. A footswitch is also present. This footswitch activates the treatment beam, while the compatibility of the machine is the duty of the handpiece holster.

However, as good as the machine might be, it offers not as much spot size as the Splendor, making it a lesser fast alternative laser hair removal machine.

Bottom Line

Both of these devices offer premium hair removal solution, eliminating most forms of discomfort and down effects in most conventional lasers. Although both are quite versatile, the Splendour X is more versatile covering broad scopes of use such as;

  • Wrinkle hair treatment
  • Permanent hair reduction
  • Warts
  • Vascular treatments
  • Onychomycosis

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