Laser Hair Removal Care– Before-During- and After Your Appointment

Laser Hair Removal Care

It’s not a secret that in recent years, laser hair removal has grown to become one of the most popular hair removal methods. This comes as no surprise, since this technique offers wonderful benefits; specially its effectiveness and long-lasting results, and above all, how safe it is. However, this technique is not exempt from side effects; to minimize the possibilities of this happening and to maximize the results, you should take into account some steps and considerations before and after your appointment. After all, laser hair removal is an investment in both time and money that you would probably like to get the most of.

 Here there are a few ways to make your appointment go smoother and guarantee the best possible results; they will make the difference in your laser hair removal journey.  


The first step would be an in-person consultation before committing to a treatment. An experienced technician will guide you through the process. This person will evaluate your skin and hair to give you an estimate of the number of treatments you may need and how long they will take. Finally, it’s vital for your well-being and health to be honest about your medical history, since some medications and medical conditions can interfere with the procedure.


The process for laser hair removal starts before your appointment. At this point, you’re in charge of preparing your skin and taking care of it, so that when the process begins, everything goes smoothly.

So you should:

  • Stay out of the sun: One of the most fundamental steps is to stay out of the sun, so whenever you go out, apply a broad-spectrum of at least SPF30 sunscreen
  • Avoid all forms of tanning: Skin should be as light as possible. Besides, laser treatments on tanned skin can cause long-term pigmentation issues.
  • Stay away from skincare products with strong ingredients: Such as retinoid, salicylic acid and chemical peels
  • Consult your doctor: Inform your doctor you’re getting laser treatment so he or she can guide you about what medication to avoid before your appointment
  • Avoid other hair removal methods: Waxing and plucking can disturb the hair follicle. Try to stay away from them for at least four weeks before treatment

On the other hand, shaving is always recommended the day before laser treatment. It removes hair above the skin while keeping the root intact, which is the spot laser targets, so it must be present for your treatment to work best. The day of your appointment your skin should be completely clean and dry, without lotions or a fragrance, showering right before is encouraged to remove dirt and oil from the skin.


During the treatment, safety is in the hands of the technician. He or she will review with you the areas to be treated to clean and prepare them. The technician will also guide you on what to expect.

Your technician might use a cool gel to protect your skin. Everyone should wear protective eye-wear, including you, of course, so your eyes are safe.

When the procedure is over, the technician might give you ice packs, or anti-inflammatory creams to calm the treated areas and lessen any discomfort.


Make sure to follow these tips following your laser hair removal treatment session. They are vital to maximize results and to avoid unwanted side effects.

  • Avoid all types of heat for 24 hours: Hot showers or baths, saunas, and even exercise can lead to discoloration or infection.
  • Stay away from the sun for 2 weeks (and tanning beds): UV exposure can irritate the treated skin and complicate the hair removal process. Please wear a high-quality sunscreen always.
  • Exfoliate the treated skin: Gently do this 2 or 3 times per week as to avoid the risk of getting ingrown hairs.
  • Apply lotions as instructed: Your technician might prescribe lotions to help minimize any pain and discomfort.

Team effort is essential to maximize laser hair removal effectiveness. Here in The Beautie Bar, we guarantee quality results thanks to our experience and top-of-the-line equipment. However, as stated above, there’s a lot you can do to ensure you get the most out of this treatment.

If you’re currently in Staten Island, and considering laser hair removal, you can go to our website or contact us at 36 Navy Pier Ct, Staten Island, NY 10304 (718) 581-9881 to get started.