Splendor X Laser Hair Removal Taking Staten Island By Storm

Laser technology is becoming a very vital aspect of human development. Its application in modern medicine and cosmetics has proven to be the missing puzzle to achieving perfection. In recent times, people seem to be receiving all sorts of laser treatments for various issues. This choice is influenced mostly by the easiness, and lack of distress laser technology offers when compared to previous cosmetic treatments.

This advancement has also brought about a rapid increase in the popularity of laser hair removal in Staten Island. Numerous statistics show that there has been an incline in the use of laser hair removal machines by Splendor X. Obviously, this didn’t happen by chance. The increased demand is understandable when you consider how stressful and agonizing these treatments have been in the past. From constant skin irritation and redness to abnormal pigmentation and swelling, people required a new hair removal treatment.

Since the adoption of the laser hair removal machine by Splendor X, there has been nothing but positivity and great recommendations by its users. Below we would be mentioning those benefits the Splendor X machine has over former hair removal treatments, and how you could get the best out of it.


Benefits of Splendor X Laser Hair Removal Treatment


Splendor X, which is manufactured by Lumenis Ltd, has taken over Staten Island by storm. Its application has brought about a wide range of advantages for individuals that use them. Splendor X utilizes a binary laser emission method to control the rate of laser discharge on the skin. The two wavelengths adopted by the machine consist of the YAG, which releases at 1064nm, and Alexandrite, which emits at 755nm. With a sufficient 250W of output power, the Splendor X is highly efficient in skin coverage and performance. The machine’s unique square contact design gets rid of any overlap during operation, ensuring accurate skin coverage. The developers of the Splendor X machine also considered environmental friendliness during production by constructing an evacuator in the device, which prevents smoke and greenhouse gases from escaping into the atmosphere.

The Splendor X machine isn’t discriminatory either, as it functions the same on all skin tones and textures. This feature is possible due to the ability of the device to toggle different treatment options for different skins using the BLEND X technology. This machine also prevents after treatment side effects, such as skin irritation, hair follicle inflammation, and swelling, which other orthodox hair removal treatments don’t control.

In conclusion, laser treatments have come to stay. It’s the latest trend in hair removal, which has minimal disadvantages when compared to traditional  methods. If you wish to learn more about this newest method of hair removal, you can click here.

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