Our salon


The Beautie Club


Enjoy a monthly Dermaplane Facial!

10% off Facials and add ons
10% off packages
15% off Laser Hair Removal & Body Contouring single sessions

Birthday Month Gift $25 Off Any Service

The Injector's Club


Tox treatment for the Forehead, Between the Brows and Crows Feet (Unlimited Units)

Other Areas $9 Per Unit

Other Perks To Use Anytime:

10% Off IV Drip Therapy
20% Off Dermal Fillers & PRP Treatments 

Birthday Month Gift $50 Off Any Service

Our goal is to keep your skin healthy & glowing which we believe is best maintained on a monthly basis. We understand that life gets busy, so we allow for 3 rollovers per year (The Beautie Club). Let us know before the end of the missed month & we’ll ensure you can use it next month, or gift it to friends & family!


3 Month Minimum Commitment Required

Cancellations require 30 days notice.

Discounts only apply to full priced services.