Lumenis Splendor X Vs. Cynosure Elite+ For Laser Hair Removal

Indeed, laser hair removal is rapidly gaining in popularity, as hundreds of thousands to millions of individuals every year choose to get rid of their unwanted hair permanently. Although many people consider this hair removal technique as safe, using an inferior laser machine or even poor quality treatment has all tendency of leaving you with unsatisfactory results. Finding the best local laser hair removal service clinic in your area is, therefore, crucial.

Both Lumenis and Cynosure are one of the leading suppliers of aesthetic and laser equipment. Around the globe, many customers recognize these brands for their top-notch quality. The latest laser hair removal equipment offers similar, yet distinguishing features. Here are the basics.

Laser Type/Wavelength

The Lumenis Splendor X is one of the few laser hair removal machines that lets your beauty clinic professionals customize your hair removal and skin treatments. This new machine utilizes the most innovative combination of Nd:YAG (1064nm) and Alexandrite (755nm) wavelengths, both working together but at adjustable proportions. Dubbed as “BLEND X,” this bilateral laser emission permits you to get rid of unwanted hairs across an infinite spectrum of skin tones.

On the other end, the Cynosure Elite+  comes as an improved version of the cynosure Elite laser. This aesthetic laser equipment utilizes a dual-wavelength, consisting of an Alexandrite laser 755nm and Nd:YAG laser wavelengths, to deliver better results at even a faster rate. The bottom line here is that both the Splendor X and the Elite+ utilizes the same laser wavelength.

Spot Sizes, And Repetition Rate

While the Elite+ boasts of a spot size of up to 24mm, which allows the aesthetician to carry out the treatment at a faster rate with better results, the Splendor X offers more spot sizes of up to 27mm and a high repetition rate. The vast laser spots in the Splendor X are square-shaped, offering outstanding speed and uniformity in coverage of the treatment area. The large spots also provide an advantage of deeper penetration, while eliminating chances of burns.

Pulse Width And Treatment Versatility

With strong tech infusions, both laser aesthetic equipment has an adjustable pulse width, allowing the esthetician to use it safely on different skin types, without trading off its efficiency.

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