Does Liposuction With A Laser Work?

Besides traditional liposuction, many people have taken a liking to a more advanced way of getting rid of body fat. This latest method, known as laser lipolysis, fulfills the promise of fat removal without significant surgery. It is considered gentler than its predecessor due to its minor surgical implementation.

Is Laser Lipolysis Effective?

The short answer to that question above is yes.

It eliminates as much fat and cellulite as traditional liposuction. Unlike liposuction, laser lipolysis doesn’t promote the use of suction. Instead, this procedure, as the name suggests, makes use of lasers to lessen the deposits of fat in a specific area of concern. A tube known as a cannula encloses the laser. An added advantage this treatment has over liposuction is the ability of your rich lipo expert to operate on smaller areas of the body, such as the face. This benefit could help to get rid of excess fat in the chin and cheeks. Another use of laser lipolysis is that it doesn’t compromise the skin. There are no scars after the procedure, and the skin won’t be saggy either. These benefits are possible because the cannulas used for the process are tiny; therefore, minimal cuts are made on the skin to commence the operation, unlike the bigger-sized suction tubes used in liposuction. Also, due to heat emanating from the lasers, the tissues of the skin respond naturally by contracting together, making the operated skin smoother and tighter.

Laser Lipolysis isn’t selective as to who can undergo the procedure and who can’t. While the guidelines are very similar to basic liposuction, laser lipolysis is advisable for individuals that have specific weights for an extended period. It is also ideal for people that require fat removal in a particular area of the body. You can click here to learn more about the process.

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