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Fat in some parts of the body — regardless of your age, gender or habits — just won’t  go away no matter how low-fat your diet is or how much you exercise, as these actions won’t target fat loss in specific areas.  For such troublesome spots, and for those who don’t want to consider an expensive and highly invasive surgery like liposuction, we want to introduce a non-invasive treatment, considered one of the most effective body contouring solution available and that’s currently getting impressive reviews: Cryoskin or Cryoslimming.

We are aware that the demand for fat-reduction procedures has increased greatly over the years; as a result, there are plenty of these cosmetic treatments available everywhere in the market, so then, why choosing Cryoskin over other slimming procedures?

First, unlike other treatments, Cryoskin uses technology that works with your body’s natural systems. Making it one of the most effective pain-free body sculpting treatment for slimming and toning. Second, since it’s very natural, it’s low-cost with almost no side effects.

How does cryoskin work?

The procedure consists in applying cold (sub-zero) temperatures to the fat layers through the skin to break down unwanted fat cells. These cells are then eradicated from the body through the regular waste elimination systems. The practitioner uses a wand that delivers cold directly to the skin in targeted areas, allowing her or him to truly contour your body while firming the skin.

In simpler words, it works by cooling and freezing fat cells that are resistant to diet and exercise, it works specially in the inner thighs, upper arms, and stomach. Besides eradicating stubborn fat, this innovative hyper-cooling system minimizes the appearance of cellulite and tones your skin.

What to expect?

Clients see great results from the first session; You can lose one inch or more after a single thirty-minute treatment . Results continue to improve during the following two weeks, as your body flushes the dead fat cells from your body through your lymphatic system.

If you’re ready to fight stubborn fat, cellulite, and loose skin, Cryoskin is the perfect solution. The aesthetic experts at The Beautie Bar in Staten Island are ready to assess you and give you the best treatment. Contact us at 36 Navy Pier Ct, Staten Island, NY 10304 (718) 581-9881,  to start your process.

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