Cryoskin To Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat

Cryoskin Results

Fat in some parts of the body — regardless of your age, gender or habits — just won’t  go away no matter how low-fat your diet is or how much you exercise, as these actions won’t target fat loss in specific areas.  For such troublesome spots, and for those who don’t want to consider an expensive and highly invasive surgery like liposuction, we want to introduce a non-invasive treatment, considered one of the most effective body contouring solution available and that’s currently getting impressive reviews: Cryoskin or Cryoslimming.

We are aware that the demand for fat-reduction procedures has increased greatly over the years; as a result, there are plenty of these cosmetic treatments available everywhere in the market, so then, why choosing Cryoskin over other slimming procedures?

First, unlike other treatments, Cryoskin uses technology that works with your body’s natural systems. Making it one of the most effective pain-free body sculpting treatment for slimming and toning. Second, since it’s very natural, it’s low-cost with almost no side effects.

How does cryoskin work?

The procedure consists in applying cold (sub-zero) temperatures to the fat layers through the skin to break down unwanted fat cells. These cells are then eradicated from the body through the regular waste elimination systems. The practitioner uses a wand that delivers cold directly to the skin in targeted areas, allowing her or him to truly contour your body while firming the skin.

In simpler words, it works by cooling and freezing fat cells that are resistant to diet and exercise, it works specially in the inner thighs, upper arms, and stomach. Besides eradicating stubborn fat, this innovative hyper-cooling system minimizes the appearance of cellulite and tones your skin.

What to expect?

Clients see great results from the first session; You can lose one inch or more after a single thirty-minute treatment . Results continue to improve during the following two weeks, as your body flushes the dead fat cells from your body through your lymphatic system.

If you’re ready to fight stubborn fat, cellulite, and loose skin, Cryoskin is the perfect solution. The aesthetic experts at The Beautie Bar in Staten Island are ready to assess you and give you the best treatment. Contact us at 36 Navy Pier Ct, Staten Island, NY 10304 (718) 581-9881,  to start your process.

Laser Hair Removal Care– Before-During- and After Your Appointment

Laser Hair Removal Care

It’s not a secret that in recent years, laser hair removal has grown to become one of the most popular hair removal methods. This comes as no surprise, since this technique offers wonderful benefits; specially its effectiveness and long-lasting results, and above all, how safe it is. However, this technique is not exempt from side effects; to minimize the possibilities of this happening and to maximize the results, you should take into account some steps and considerations before and after your appointment. After all, laser hair removal is an investment in both time and money that you would probably like to get the most of.

 Here there are a few ways to make your appointment go smoother and guarantee the best possible results; they will make the difference in your laser hair removal journey.  


The first step would be an in-person consultation before committing to a treatment. An experienced technician will guide you through the process. This person will evaluate your skin and hair to give you an estimate of the number of treatments you may need and how long they will take. Finally, it’s vital for your well-being and health to be honest about your medical history, since some medications and medical conditions can interfere with the procedure.


The process for laser hair removal starts before your appointment. At this point, you’re in charge of preparing your skin and taking care of it, so that when the process begins, everything goes smoothly.

So you should:

  • Stay out of the sun: One of the most fundamental steps is to stay out of the sun, so whenever you go out, apply a broad-spectrum of at least SPF30 sunscreen
  • Avoid all forms of tanning: Skin should be as light as possible. Besides, laser treatments on tanned skin can cause long-term pigmentation issues.
  • Stay away from skincare products with strong ingredients: Such as retinoid, salicylic acid and chemical peels
  • Consult your doctor: Inform your doctor you’re getting laser treatment so he or she can guide you about what medication to avoid before your appointment
  • Avoid other hair removal methods: Waxing and plucking can disturb the hair follicle. Try to stay away from them for at least four weeks before treatment

On the other hand, shaving is always recommended the day before laser treatment. It removes hair above the skin while keeping the root intact, which is the spot laser targets, so it must be present for your treatment to work best. The day of your appointment your skin should be completely clean and dry, without lotions or a fragrance, showering right before is encouraged to remove dirt and oil from the skin.


During the treatment, safety is in the hands of the technician. He or she will review with you the areas to be treated to clean and prepare them. The technician will also guide you on what to expect.

Your technician might use a cool gel to protect your skin. Everyone should wear protective eye-wear, including you, of course, so your eyes are safe.

When the procedure is over, the technician might give you ice packs, or anti-inflammatory creams to calm the treated areas and lessen any discomfort.


Make sure to follow these tips following your laser hair removal treatment session. They are vital to maximize results and to avoid unwanted side effects.

  • Avoid all types of heat for 24 hours: Hot showers or baths, saunas, and even exercise can lead to discoloration or infection.
  • Stay away from the sun for 2 weeks (and tanning beds): UV exposure can irritate the treated skin and complicate the hair removal process. Please wear a high-quality sunscreen always.
  • Exfoliate the treated skin: Gently do this 2 or 3 times per week as to avoid the risk of getting ingrown hairs.
  • Apply lotions as instructed: Your technician might prescribe lotions to help minimize any pain and discomfort.

Team effort is essential to maximize laser hair removal effectiveness. Here in The Beautie Bar, we guarantee quality results thanks to our experience and top-of-the-line equipment. However, as stated above, there’s a lot you can do to ensure you get the most out of this treatment.

If you’re currently in Staten Island, and considering laser hair removal, you can go to our website or contact us at 36 Navy Pier Ct, Staten Island, NY 10304 (718) 581-9881 to get started.

Why CryoFacial Should be in Your List of Facials to Try

CryoFacial Should be in Your List of Facials to Try

Facials are more than just spoiling. Often, people see them as something to do when you have some extra money and want some time for yourself; the fact is that yes, facials can be relaxing and pampering, but they’re also an important part of a good skincare regimen. They provide great benefits to your skin’s health and can be used to treat specific skin problems you may be facing.

Since they are such a vital step for the health of your skin, estheticians are always looking for newer and more efficient methods and techniques for consumers, aiming for procedures that are pain-free and low cost while getting the best result. Among all of those new treatments, there’s one that seem to have it all, and that has been rising and becoming more popular nowadays: cryofacial

Why is CryoFacial so Popular?

What makes cryofacial so popular is that it stimulates and boosts collagen production. This protein —collagen—, is responsible for keeping your skin healthy and elastic. When it is not produced in the optimal amount, lines & wrinkles are more likely to form.  Collagen also replaces dead skin cells, which helps the skin appear glowy and youthful.

In addition, unlike traditional facials that might include harsh chemicals and/ or painful techniques, cryofacials are a pain-free, non-invasive procedure. There are no lotions, scrubs, or peels used, so your skin will not feel sore or sticky afterwards. Finally, cryofacial treatments are very short, so you’ll be able to walk out of the salon and continue with your normal activities.

As you see, this facial is an excellent choice to tighten your skin and shrink pores for a younger and healthier skin.

Make sure you’re seeing a trained professional that you feel comfortable with. 

Here in The Beautie Bar – Staten Island we are ready to assist you. 

Contact us at 36 Navy Pier Ct, Staten Island, NY 10304 (718) 581-9881,  to get started.

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Splendor X Laser Hair Removal Taking Staten Island By Storm

Splendor X Laser Hair Removal Taking Staten Island By Storm

Laser technology is becoming a very vital aspect of human development. Its application in modern medicine and cosmetics has proven to be the missing puzzle to achieving perfection. In recent times, people seem to be receiving all sorts of laser treatments for various issues. This choice is influenced mostly by the easiness, and lack of distress laser technology offers when compared to previous cosmetic treatments.

This advancement has also brought about a rapid increase in the popularity of laser hair removal in Staten Island. Numerous statistics show that there has been an incline in the use of laser hair removal machines by Splendor X. Obviously, this didn’t happen by chance. The increased demand is understandable when you consider how stressful and agonizing these treatments have been in the past. From constant skin irritation and redness to abnormal pigmentation and swelling, people required a new hair removal treatment.

Since the adoption of the laser hair removal machine by Splendor X, there has been nothing but positivity and great recommendations by its users. Below we would be mentioning those benefits the Splendor X machine has over former hair removal treatments, and how you could get the best out of it.


Benefits of Splendor X Laser Hair Removal Treatment


Splendor X, which is manufactured by Lumenis Ltd, has taken over Staten Island by storm. Its application has brought about a wide range of advantages for individuals that use them. Splendor X utilizes a binary laser emission method to control the rate of laser discharge on the skin. The two wavelengths adopted by the machine consist of the YAG, which releases at 1064nm, and Alexandrite, which emits at 755nm. With a sufficient 250W of output power, the Splendor X is highly efficient in skin coverage and performance. The machine’s unique square contact design gets rid of any overlap during operation, ensuring accurate skin coverage. The developers of the Splendor X machine also considered environmental friendliness during production by constructing an evacuator in the device, which prevents smoke and greenhouse gases from escaping into the atmosphere.

The Splendor X machine isn’t discriminatory either, as it functions the same on all skin tones and textures. This feature is possible due to the ability of the device to toggle different treatment options for different skins using the BLEND X technology. This machine also prevents after treatment side effects, such as skin irritation, hair follicle inflammation, and swelling, which other orthodox hair removal treatments don’t control.

In conclusion, laser treatments have come to stay. It’s the latest trend in hair removal, which has minimal disadvantages when compared to traditional  methods. If you wish to learn more about this newest method of hair removal, you can click here.

If you need a specialist in hair removal treatment, look no further than The Beautie Bar. We are here always to give you the best treatment you can receive in Staten Island. Contact us now at36 Navy Pier Ct, Staten Island, NY 10304 (718) 581-9881, to start.

Does Liposuction With A Laser Work?

Does Liposuction With A Laser Work?

Besides traditional liposuction, many people have taken a liking to a more advanced way of getting rid of body fat. This latest method, known as laser lipolysis, fulfills the promise of fat removal without significant surgery. It is considered gentler than its predecessor due to its minor surgical implementation.

Is Laser Lipolysis Effective?

The short answer to that question above is yes.

It eliminates as much fat and cellulite as traditional liposuction. Unlike liposuction, laser lipolysis doesn’t promote the use of suction. Instead, this procedure, as the name suggests, makes use of lasers to lessen the deposits of fat in a specific area of concern. A tube known as a cannula encloses the laser. An added advantage this treatment has over liposuction is the ability of your rich lipo expert to operate on smaller areas of the body, such as the face. This benefit could help to get rid of excess fat in the chin and cheeks. Another use of laser lipolysis is that it doesn’t compromise the skin. There are no scars after the procedure, and the skin won’t be saggy either. These benefits are possible because the cannulas used for the process are tiny; therefore, minimal cuts are made on the skin to commence the operation, unlike the bigger-sized suction tubes used in liposuction. Also, due to heat emanating from the lasers, the tissues of the skin respond naturally by contracting together, making the operated skin smoother and tighter.

Laser Lipolysis isn’t selective as to who can undergo the procedure and who can’t. While the guidelines are very similar to basic liposuction, laser lipolysis is advisable for individuals that have specific weights for an extended period. It is also ideal for people that require fat removal in a particular area of the body. You can click here to learn more about the process.

To get your laser lipolysis done right, you can pay a visit to The Beautie Bar. We are always ready to give you the best treatment possible. Contact us at 36 Navy Pier Ct, Staten Island, NY 10304 (718) 581-9881, now to start your process.

Professional Hair Coloring At Salon Vs. DIY- You Decide

Professional Hair Coloring At Salon Vs. DIY- You Decide

We all love to look our best. Your hair makes a big impression, as it comes easily noticed above every other thing. When changing the color of our hair, there are many questions and answers to consider. The first being if you should go with an overall change, or if you should alter the color of specific sections. Then comes the crucial question of deciding between skipping a salon for a DIY or pitching your tent with a professional hair coloring stylist.

You might be head over heels with that glamorous look you saw on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. You get the inspiration to replicate that look, deciding to go for a professional salon or just hit the drugstore and watch a few YouTube clips is where the battle lies.

The Two-Way Street

When it comes to deciding between professional hair coloring services against a DIY, it is best to believe it’s circumstantial. We all know that some hair trends can be done perfectly at home without you been a pro. Likewise, there are some hairstyles you should never attempt at home.

Visiting a salon for a professional dye job has a predisposition of giving the best result. However, it can be expensive. With the prevalence of at-home coloring kits and numerous online tutorials, you may wonder whether it’s worth the cash.But is that all? Surely, there is more to it.

Where DIY Peaks

If you’re more interested in saving money, then it is so crystal clear that getting your hands on the next available home kits is the easiest option for you. Getting a professional hair dye salon service will always be more expensive compared to DIY. Besides, you’ll also be paying for the experience and expertise of the stylist. If your budget can’t get you a professional service, DIY will always come handy,and it can give you the same near expert result.

With DIY kits becoming cheaper by the day and tons of helpful YouTube tutorials, you can ask yourself over and over again is paying extra is worth it. Some dye brands offer online chats and helplines that can facilitate DIY hair dyeing. But again, is it worth the stress?

Professional Service Always Gets The Best Results

There are many things to gain from getting your hair color fix from a professional stylist. Before you get your hair colored, a professionally trained color stylist will first assess the condition of your hair and design a formula that will get nothing except the best color. The level of experience and expertise of the stylist rightly applies itself during the application and timing of the hair dye.

The bottom line remains that no matter the level of YouTube video that you may watch, it can never beat the knowledge and experience of your professional color stylist.

The Beautie bar 36 Navy Pier Ct, Staten Island, NY 10304, United States always knows the best hair color that will compliment your skin tone and help you push your fashion statement. Reach out to us now for the best hair coloring service.

How To Contour Your Body Fat With Lymphatic Drainage

How To Contour Your Body Fat With Lymphatic Drainage

The thing is, as humans, we are much conscious about the way we look and want to feel better about our bodies. This aspiration is no crime at all. Even if you live an active lifestyle or get yourself on a diet, you may find out overtime that there are some fat deposits in some areas of your body that you can’t just shift. Body contouring is one of the best cosmetic solutions for people who are so obliged to get a more evened, toned, and attractive skin.

The fact that body contouring has always been there to help us get the body we so much crave for is no news. For those that are not in the know, the body contour with lymphatic drainage massage is the new kid in the block.

Enjoy A More Youthful Appearance

Nowadays, getting rid of the stubborn fat bulges and cellulite pockets has become very easy with the simple procedures of body contouring via lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique that works on the body’s lymphatic system and circulatory system to mitigate the appearance and presence of body fat, thereby giving the skin a more even texture.

Your lymphatic system is solely in charge of draining harmful organisms out of your body. However, toxins get to easily accumulate in the lymphatic system as it has no pump to aid in the circulation of lymphatic fluid. In body contouring with lymphatic drainage, our procedure helps your body to get rid of toxins and unblock the subcutaneous tissue.

By addressing the excessive amount of interstitial fluid and congestion in your lymphatic system,  your blood, and lymphatic flow not only improve, but the presence and appearance of body fat are also dealt with here.

Parts Of Your Body That Needs The Best Body Contour With Lymphatic Drainage

The lower part of the body: your lower abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and hip can lose good pounds of fat with the lymphatic drainage therapy.

The middle part of the body: your chest, arms, back, and upper abdomen can gain much via improved lymphatic flow, and reduction in size via lymphatic drainage.

The upper part of the body: your face, head, and neck can get a more even tone and attractive appearance, all thanks to the lymphatic drainage.

As beautiful as the lymphatic drainage technique sounds, you need to be a little patient to experience its wonders. We will always advise people to be in good shape before coming for lymphatic drainage therapy. Proper diet, active lifestyle through exercise, good water intake, and getting enough sleep will always be your priority if you so wish to get a testimony.

Getting your local body contouring with lymphatic drainage comes with a promise of a more even skin texture, tone, lower cellulite, and firmer skin. With the Beautie bar 36 Navy Pier Ct, Staten Island, NY 10304, United States, reducing your fat mass has never been more effortless.

Why Only Pro Addiction Hair Treatments Are The Best For Straightening

Why Only Pro Addiction Hair Treatments Are The Best For Straightening


Hair straightening is an often sought out treatment by people seeking flawless hair textures and overall improved appearance. However, the information most saloons keep out, or what most consumers neglect are the resources used for their hair care and straightening.

Like it or not, there are some consequences you have to face when your cosmetic sources are left unchecked. While some of these faults aren’t as pretty as their primary purposes intend, they are side-effects nonetheless. Most intensive users of such unrestrained hair products are likely to face hair and health issues, such as having split ends, hair texture degradation, itchy scalp, weak follicles leading to hair loss, allergic reactions to said products, and in worst cases, cancer. These might occur over an extended period, or a short while. Whatever the case may be, exposure to such unsafe substances could prove to be disastrous.

Just because most hair care products out there are sketchy, to say the least, that doesn’t mean there isn’t the availability of trusted ones. Below, we would be discussing pro addiction hair products and why it is beneficial for you and local hair straightening saloon.

Pro addiction hair treatments

Pro Addiction is an approved blend manufactured with essential proteins. It is free from toxins, formaldehyde, and it also has no smell. It renews the hair leaving it plush, sparkly, and smooth.

Pro Addiction hair treatments promote progressive natural hair treatment due to the absence of keratin or formaldehyde in its products.  Pro Addiction is the unique product you seek that makes your hair straight and restores it simultaneously. It eliminates curls and maintains hair texture. You have the option of straightening your hair while leaving it full or having it pressed.

Due to the addition of natural multi proteins and amino acids in their products, more hair nourishing agents are provided during the smoothing procedure, making your hair appear exquisite and sleek. It is useful for all hair types regardless of the hair texture, and the state of the hair.


Getting your hair straight is delicate work, and as such, requires professional hands. Luckily, you don’t have to look far to get such services. We at Beautie Bar Blowdry, Laser, and Facials are more than eager to give you that special hair treatment you desire. You can reach us at 36 Navy Pier Ct, Staten Island, NY 10304, the United States for your hair straightening and maintenance.

Lumenis Splendor X Vs. Cynosure Elite+ For Laser Hair Removal

Lumenis Splendor X Vs. Cynosure Elite+ For Laser Hair Removal

Indeed, laser hair removal is rapidly gaining in popularity, as hundreds of thousands to millions of individuals every year choose to get rid of their unwanted hair permanently. Although many people consider this hair removal technique as safe, using an inferior laser machine or even poor quality treatment has all tendency of leaving you with unsatisfactory results. Finding the best local laser hair removal service clinic in your area is, therefore, crucial.

Both Lumenis and Cynosure are one of the leading suppliers of aesthetic and laser equipment. Around the globe, many customers recognize these brands for their top-notch quality. The latest laser hair removal equipment offers similar, yet distinguishing features. Here are the basics.

Laser Type/Wavelength

The Lumenis Splendor X is one of the few laser hair removal machines that lets your beauty clinic professionals customize your hair removal and skin treatments. This new machine utilizes the most innovative combination of Nd:YAG (1064nm) and Alexandrite (755nm) wavelengths, both working together but at adjustable proportions. Dubbed as “BLEND X,” this bilateral laser emission permits you to get rid of unwanted hairs across an infinite spectrum of skin tones.

On the other end, the Cynosure Elite+  comes as an improved version of the cynosure Elite laser. This aesthetic laser equipment utilizes a dual-wavelength, consisting of an Alexandrite laser 755nm and Nd:YAG laser wavelengths, to deliver better results at even a faster rate. The bottom line here is that both the Splendor X and the Elite+ utilizes the same laser wavelength.

Spot Sizes, And Repetition Rate

While the Elite+ boasts of a spot size of up to 24mm, which allows the aesthetician to carry out the treatment at a faster rate with better results, the Splendor X offers more spot sizes of up to 27mm and a high repetition rate. The vast laser spots in the Splendor X are square-shaped, offering outstanding speed and uniformity in coverage of the treatment area. The large spots also provide an advantage of deeper penetration, while eliminating chances of burns.

Pulse Width And Treatment Versatility

With strong tech infusions, both laser aesthetic equipment has an adjustable pulse width, allowing the esthetician to use it safely on different skin types, without trading off its efficiency.

If you need the best clinic to get rid of unwanted hairs and treat your skin, the Beautie Bar Blowdry, Laser & Facials 36 Navy Pier Ct, Staten Island, NY 10304 (718) 581 9881 is your best shot!

What Is A Blow Dry Bar & What’s Unique About It

What Is A Blow Dry Bar & What’s Unique About It

Yeah, the saloon. We always visit the salon with lots of anticipation of coming out with that killer look. The ones we see with models and actors on magazine covers and adverts. One thing that is for sure is that you don’t necessarily need to cut or color your hair to get that glamorous and peng look. With no haircuts or color treatment, a professional blowout is one of the few hair treatments that can give you that Hollywood look you so much desire. Of course, several treatments promise to transform that dull and brittle hair of yours to a silky smooth, shiny, and add fullness and volume to your hair. There’s none as timely and efficient as the blow dry bar. Here’s all you need to know about this miraculous hair treatment.

What Is A Blow Dry Bar?

A blow dry bar is your perfect hair treatment spot that gives you the exclusive glamor and beauty beyond words. In the most uncomplicated sense of it, it is a hair salon that specializes heavily in blowouts, such as wash, blow-dry, and hair styling, offering no haircuts or hair color treatment. With these professional blowouts, you will be left looking and feeling gorgeous and fabulous in a matter of minutes. The blow-dry process is the easiest way to get that lavishing look you so much crave for, with less cost involved, no pain, and in the briefest time.

How Does It Work?

One specialized blowout hair treatment is specially designed to leave you feeling good within minutes. The blissful journey into this new hair beauty starts with getting your hair shampooed and conditioned. After the washing, we towel dry your hair to get rid of any moisture. We then make use of some products to condition your hair before the actual blowout. These products will also detangle your hair. The core process involves the use of hair clips to separate strands before applying our signatory blow dryer. Other techniques which we will readily adopt will leave your hair silky soft and shiny. We also customize these processes depending on your hair type.

One thing you need to understand is that blowouts are not the same as using a blow dryer at home. It’s much more than that. You can attest to that by the way it will leave you feeling once you get a professional blowout with us.

How Long Does It Last?

One outstanding fact about getting the local blow-dry treatment is the perfection it gives your hair. This hair treatment can last as long as six days. However, this is always subject to an individual’s hair type.

How Long Does An Average Blowout Take?

The hair blowout at Drybar takes between 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the hair type.

The Magical Drybar Blowout

Fuller, smooth, silky hair is precisely what most people are looking for, and if you are suffering from frizzy hair that is uncontrollable and has given up hope, the Drybar hair blowout is there to brighten your day! To give your hair a healthy and shiny appeal, try the Beautie Bar Blowdry, Laser & Facials 36 Navy Pier Ct, Staten Island, NY 10304 (718) 581-9881 Let your hair glow with you!